My journey from home (Greenwich) to College (Elephant and Castle). animated banner

I am satisfied with the design of this animated banner, but even with its 140 frames this GIF image still looks jumpy. This has been done on Photoshop…I wonder if it would have looked smoother if it had been done on Flash. However, I believe that Inserting more frames would have originated a file¬†too big to be uploaded on the web.

Sketchbook and research.pdf

The picture of this road I took in Greenwich Park fictionally leads to LCC (London College of Communication). Because I designed it, the writing was obviously readable to me; it wasn’t the same to my peers, so I tried to make the letters more visible raising their saturation and lowering the one of the background. The exaggerated perspective doesn’t seem to help either. A higher banner would accommodate a more complete picture.

LCC banner

After a couple of months I did my animated banner, I saw this poster at Elephant and Castle tube station. It is so easy to come up with similar ideas, and so difficult to find an original design solution…


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