Poster design

For the visualisation and design skills unit I had to design a poster to increase awareness and web traffic for Teens Unite Fighting Cancer charity, who supports teenagers by helping them build on their self confidence and giving them the possibility to spend time with other people who have the same problem.

Here are some of my initial sketches for the creation of the poster. From a few ideas I had at the beginning, I completed two of them. The notes may not make any sense to you, they are are just a brainstorm.

With pastels, ink and charcoal I roughly drew quite a lot of waves to get the right lines that would form a stormy sea threatening a little boat. Here are only a few.

It happened that the carelessly drawn waves of my sketches looked more interesting and harmonious than the ones in the poster I was trying to design.

The followings are actually the two posters I presented.

While learning some new lighting techniques for After Effects, I realised I could use this software also for printing purposes, not only for animation. Even if Photoshop 3D tools are quite advanced, I found setting lights in a After Effects composition much quicker. I also feel more comfortable arranging objects in a 3D space in AE rather than PS.


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