Binary code

“It is beneath the dignity of excellent men to waste their time in calculation when any peasant could do the work just as accurately with the aid of a machine.” –¬†Gottfried Wilhelm von Leibniz

For this task, forgetting all the rules of binary codes such as the ASCII scheme used to represent text, I used the Fibonacci sequence to design my alphabet. Representing each letter with a number of the sequence I felt like I was giving to the alphabet a sense of harmony. From this more artistic point of view, I went back to Maths and simply assigned each letter a position on the Cartesian plane.

Working on Flash, each new frame shows a letter, which is represented by a white dot. Leibniz’s quote appears as a sequence of words that almost turns into an animated Braille text.

In the video the first two seconds show the entire alphabet and afterwards the quote starts running. Eventually I rotated the video, since I thought a widescreen view was more appropriate.


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