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For my last uni project, I created this video for a Japanese song, “Yoin” by The Gazette, which is about the sadness of how still today there are people struggling to survive in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan on 11 March 2011.
The following are excerpts from my sketchbook.

Initial primitive sketches while listening to the song, these function more as a mood board.

sketches sketches sketches RealFlow screenshot Cinema 4D screenshot Notes on how to make a music video Excerpt from Strand, J., The cinesthetic montage of music-video Notes on music video

Rough storyboard.Rough storyboard Rough storyboard The Gazette Live screenshots



I started to work on After Effects using different plug-ins: Trapcode Psunami, Form, Mir and Particular.Psunami screenshot Raindrop particle

The live footage that I took consisted in dropping the same flower over and over until I was happy with the shot. Later I rotoscoped the flower to be used in the comp.Rotoscoped flower

Video screenshots of lanterns floating on water


I recreated the lantern in Cinema 4D.Lantern on Cinema 4D Lanterns on Cinema 4D Lantern on Cinema 4D

In After Effects I was experimenting with Trapcode Form in order to reproduce some fabric similar to silk.

Textile patterns applied to Trapcode MIr

Reference images.Underwater images Image of kimono applied to Trapcode Form Underkimono

Kimono underwater compositionImage applied to Trapcode Form

The idea of using the picture of a maiko, an apprentice geisha, comes from reading a testimony of an‭ ‬80‭ ‬year old geisha who survived the tsunami‭, ‬but she lost all her kimono‭, ‬obi and shamisen‮…‬all her life‭.‬ In my mind‭, ‬the picture of the young maiko that disappears‭ is ‬a girl who died too young and could not‭ ‬“bloom”‭, ‬could not become a geisha‭, ‬because her life ended too soon due to the disaster‭.‬

The final video can be seen on my website: yoin.mp4.



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