Chiquito restaurantThis sans serif and bold typeface looks quite childish and exotic. Even though Chiquito is the name of a chain of Mexican restaurants, the vertex and apex of the letters C,Q and O remind me some oblong African masks. Definitely an unpretentious font.

Cafe RougeA sans serif typeface reminiscent of the Art Deco period due in particular to the shape of the letter R. It also brings me back to earlier years, when Tolouse Lautrec was designing the posters for the Mouline Rouge.

Christmas writingThis font moves away from the classic serif typeface adopting a more frivolous style. This is what I call a “happy font” that reminds me funfairs and circuses.

Union Square restaurantA light serif font similar to Columna. It is elegant and strict, important, colossal, a typeface we could see on Romans monuments and buildings, if it was not for the round stroke of the letter U, which in the ancient Roman writings has a vertex like the letter V.

Ritz ClubThis bold sans serif typeface dos not have that elegant and sophisticated look I was expecting from a renowned and classy hotel like the Ritz. The writing dotted with light bulbs reminds me of Las Vegas and its casinos, suggesting superficiality and lack of personality.



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