A horror film

Given the following text, I was required to make a one minute horror film:

“The temperature in the caravan dropped and the flames of the candles glowed blue. Shivering, the old woman clasped her shawl more tightly about her frail shoulders and gazed into the wooden bowl. The water clouded and then cleared. Shapes loomed. Dark colours merged then separated. Her fingers twitched unavoidably as tiny electric shocks prickled at her skin. Then came a series of hazy images, playing out like a soundless film.
A clock struck midnight. Through the window of a nursery, the moon illuminated a child sleeping in its crib before vanishing behind a single cloud.”

It is interesting to see how a text from a book for kids can be reinterpreted as a horror story. For this short film I wanted to reproduce the feelings I felt and the colours I saw in my mind while I was reading the story; I would define the result expressionistic.
The music is the beginning of a song from X Japan, “Scars”, at their last live in 1997, to which I added an underwater effect.


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